Solar Eclipse 2015

Most of the sun in the UK will be blocked out by a solar eclipse on Friday 20th March 2015

He are three fascinating facts about the solar eclipse in the UK

Around 87% of the sun will be covered in the Portsmouth area as the moon passes in front of it on Friday morning beginning at around 8.22am, reaching its maximum extent at 9.29am, and ends at 10.39am

The last solar eclipse was on August 11 1999, and was “total” – with 100% of the Sun covered – when seen from Cornwall and the next total eclipse is not until September 2090.

March 17th 2015 – Rare Northern Lights visible in the UK

Stargazers treated to rare glimpse of kaleidoscope of colours in skies across United Kingdom as Aurora Borealis visible as far south as the Midlands.

People across Britain enjoyed the celestial display of the Aurora Borealis on Tuesday night, bringing a tinge of green to the skies just in time for St Patrick’s Day.