Repair to Canopy Roof in Nottinghamshire

We were called in to repair an old leaking canopy roof, which had deteriorated over the years.

This project involved stripping the old tiles and underfed, and replacing with new laths and rosemary tiled roof. There was a lot of waste as it is an old rosemary tiled roof with gauges at every 100mm so a lot of laths to remove which took many hours.

Once we stripped the roof we took out all the old nails and cleared all the waste. We are always aware of the good old English weather so we always have some big tarpaulins to hand. We loaded the roofing materials to hand on the scaffold platform (see photo), and started to roll the felt from right to left, nailing in the top right corner and rolling half way leaving around 50mm overhang at the front of the fascia board into the gutter.

This was carried out over 2 working days and you can see the results below: